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Rwanda Family Travel Resources

Visiting the gorillas or Volcanoes National Park?

This is a wonderful page filled with resources by the talented and dedicated team at Gorilla Fund

What to pack when travelling with kids to Rwanda?

This is a great blog byMini Travellers who devised their own Africa packing list for travel with kids.

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Why we LOVE Rwanda...
The land of 1000 hills is what you will hear many times over and like us you will probably think that there must be way more than just 1000!

Mention to people that you are travelling to Rwanda and no doubt most of them will bring up the tragic events of 1994 and gorillas. 

Well we are going to tell you that there is so much to Rwanda's tourism than these two well known facts.

Yes the gorillas are mind-blowing and should be at the top of your list when you plan your trip HOWEVER you are missing out if you are doing a typical fly in and out within 3 days just to tick the gorillas off your list!

Allow a week and we will show you why we love this green land of rolling hills, with bushy tea plantations, delicious coffee, gorgeous woven baskets, chimpanzees, peaceful hikes, lush national parks, Royal history, talented dancers, musicians, traditional arts, colourful birds and a population determined to build 
a booming economy filled with educated local talent.

Kigali will surprise you, the gorillas will enthrall you, the people will inspire you and the culture will fascinate you if you just add a few extra days to your tour – you will be able to leave Rwanda with a full picture about what truly this land is all about and a bag full of priceless memories to cherish forever.

World Fusion Tours recommends that you select from these options for your Rwandan tour:

Be in the know…

The flag:

Adopted in 2001, the Rwandan flag is made up of three colours - sky blue, yellow and green along with a image of a 24 ray sun.  The blue represents happiness and peace, yellow for economic development and mineral wealth, green for hope of prosperity and natural resources. The sun represents unity as well as enlightenment and transparency from ignorance.

Independence: On 1 July 1962, Rwanda gained independence from Belgium.

Population & Size:

​In 2014, Rwanda's population sat at approximately 12.3 million across 26,336 sq metres of land (Source: World Bank)

As history has taught us – we are Rwandan.  Please respect the pain people have endured during their dark history and never ask which tribe do people belong to.  We are one nation.

Capital: Kigali

Languages:  Kinyarwanda is the official languages with both French and English used widely across many Government publications and 

Currency:  Rwandan Franc $1 USD = approx 830 RW Fr, 1 Euro = approx 750 RW Fr & $1 AUD = approx 540 RW Fr.