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What to see and do in Tanzania
Beautiful Tanzania – East Africa’s largest republic is famous for many reasons including the home of Africa’s highest mountain (Mt Kilimanjaro), the exotic spice island of Zanzibar, the collapsed volcanic crater of Ngoronogoro, the endless Serengeti plains which is also the world’s last remaining natural grazing ecosystem that contains the world’s largest concentrated population of wild 
lions, zebra, elephant and wilderbeest. Not to mention Dr Jane Goodall’s chimpanzee’s in Gombe. 

Whether you are dreaming of an African safari, summiting Kili, tracking Chimps, bird watching, volunteering, meeting the tribes, sampling coffee or taking home the world’s most expensive diamond – Tanzanite – there is most definitely something for everyone to do and experience in Tanzania.

World Fusion Tours recommend that you consider trying to squeeze in some or all of the following into your Tanzanian itinerary:

Be in the know….

The flag:
The colours of the Tanzanian flag are green (for the country’s vegetation), black (for the people), yellow (for the minerals) and blue (for the ocean).

The official name is The United Republic of Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika & Zanzibar) after they gained independence in December of 1961.

Population & Size:
In 2014, Tanzania had a population of roughly 49.6 million people living in an area of 945,203 sq km (Source: World Bank)

There are more than 120 documented tribes in Tanzania including the well known Masaai cattle grazers, the only tribe in the country who talk in clicks – the Hadzabe and the largest being the Sukuma tribe.

Whilst the nations capital sits in Dodoma, Dar es Salaam is the hub of the nations business with a population alone of 4 million and growing!

Officially it is Swahili (Kiswahili) with English being compulsory for all Secondary students. Tribal languages are also widely spoken in some areas.

Tanzanian shilling (tsh)  $1 USD = 1,500 tsh approx., 1 Euro = 2,000 tsh approx. and $1AUD = 1,550 tsh approx.