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Serengeti National Park ...

The Serengeti is one of the most popular national parks on the African continent with more than 250,000 tourists annually, but due to it's sheer size (14,763 sq km) you can in many parts feel like it's just you and the wildlife. It is a World Heritage site that was established in 1951 and is Tanzania's oldest national park.

Size: 14,763 sq km – Tanzania's second largest park.

Located 255km from Arusha town and approximately 6 hours drive. Most itineraries will ensure that you break up this journey by visiting the other well known Lake Manyara and Tarangire
National parks with an overnight stay in and around these parks.

Additionally spend a night on or near the Ngorongoro Crater and conversation area as you will be passing through this creation of nature enroute to the Serengeti. 

If time is an issue and budget is not, then there is also the option to fly into the smaller airstrip known as Seronera as well as a few others to the surrounding parks - saves significant road travel time if this is an issue for you. Some guests like to drive in one way and then fly out instead of doing a return trip by road – this can be easily arranged please visit Coastal Aviation and Air Excel for flight options and prices. We are happy to assist you with these bookings.

The highest rainfall is from November to May (April usually the highest) and the lowest between June and September. Average daytime tempuratures 27- ­32 degrees celcius and night time 13-­16 degrees celcius with the coolest months being May to August when night tempuratures can sometimes fall below 10 degrees celcius ­ note to self pack a sweater for cool Savannah nights!


  • Annual migration of 1.5 million wilderbeest and more than 250,000 Zebra
  • Vast open plain lands
  • Large populations of big predators
  • Kopjes
  • Endemic bird species
  • Largest number of predators including Lions and Spotted Hyenas on earth
  • Old Duvai Gorge - an archeological site holding the earliest evidence of our ancient ancestors

Interesting facts:

  • The word “Serengeti” comes from the Maasai word “Siringet” meaning a place where the land runs on forever.
  • It is the only remaining natural grazing ecosystem left in the world.
  • Serengeti is known as the leading centre for studies on large mammals including both predators and herbivores.
  • The Serengeti (Tz) and Mara (Kenya) ecosystem altogether covers 27,000 sq km and includes the migration corridors for the wilderbeest, zebra and gazelles.

Accommodation options:
Lodges and mobile camps throughout the Serengeti with many in close proximity to small charter plane air strips. Note that during rainy season many of the camps will close down.


Further reading:

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