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World Fusion Tours is very proud to present to the international and private school communities, university and special interest group our customised study tours/excursions.

International field trips, excursions and study tours are an engaging way for students to gain a global appreciation of other cultures from around the world, which in turn creates in-depth understanding and tolerance amongst global communities.

By including curriculum-related and age-appropriate activities outside of the classroom, our study tours help to maximize students learning experiences.

Students will have the opportunity to visit museums, places of interest, participate in local village experiences, observe and participate in making local art and craft as well as enjoy traditional cultural music and dance perfomances and workshops.

Our itineraries are only limited by your group budget per person, time retraints and areas of interest.  We are always adding new locations, do if i't's not listed below please email us your request: worldfusiontours@gmail.com 

School & University Study Tour locations:

              RWANDA School & University excursions

              TANZANIA School & University excursions

               INDIA School & University excursions - starting 2017

On each of the above links you can see just some topic areas that you can explore and include as part of your Study Tour itinerary with World Fusion Tours in your chosen country.

Teacher Student ratio:

In addition to the provision of your own Teachers, World Fusion Tours will supply an International Trip Leader and Local Tour Leaders according to the size of your group.  We usually prefer a minimum of three leaders per 20 persons but adjust according to your groups requirements.

There are many factors to take into consideration when planning for Study Tours. No matter where you travel in the world, safety is paramount and when we are dealing with students as young as 14 years – you need to feel confident that we have it all under control.

When deciding which company to book your school or university excursion with, it’s important you choose a company that takes safety seriously.  Every World Fusion Study Tour will have an accompanying International Trip Leader who holds a current Wilderness First Aid certification and police clearance certificate.  All of our Local World Fusion team also hold police clearance certificates.

Before confirming your accommodation and transport providers, we conduct a Risk Assessment and Safety Inspection report which we are happy to provide to your team to ensure everyone knows what to expected and how to best be prepared to minimize or eliminate any emergencies during your tour.

Even once you arrive we conduct inspections at hotel check-in as well as daily vehicle safety inspections.

Our fees also include a local emergency evacuation insurance policy per member of your tour as a complimentary policy to your groups travel and medical insurance which is compulsory for all guests travelling with World Fusion Tours.

We also include a replenished and comprehensive First Aid kit for every tour that travels with our International Tour Leader for the duration of your tour.

Each of our School or University Teachers will be provided with a local SIM card that is activated and ready for you to apply credit so that student’s family members can contact as required. We supply your team and students families with a full list of emergency contacts prior to your arrival.

All World Fusion guests are required to complete a Medical Questionnaire prior to your home departure, which our Doctor will review and request further information as required.  We carry all your important dietry requests, allergy and medical information so we can have it all at hand in case of an emergency.

Would you like a quote or more information?
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