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Whilst we may be a young business we know our destinations since we live and work in them, which also means we care about the impact of tourism to the local communities – be it social, economic or environmental. That's why we have created the following ethos and pledge that we try to incorporate every time we devise a new itinerary for our clients:

The Ethos and pledge that World Fusion Tours strives to exist by include:
Development of
itineraries and experiences that are real-life, ethical and of value to all parties involved – the visitor, the project, the local community and the environment.

Collaborating where possible with local providers, local guides, local projects and local communities to assist with the development of capacity building and sustainable tourism initiatives.

To provide clients with itinerary recommendations that where possible
support grass roots organisations as well as those service providers who believe in the value of staff development, fair wages and environmentally sustainable tourism practises.

Providing itineraries that give clients a
well-rounded view of what is really happening in the community, the daily challenges faced and how their choice of actions can contribute towards a global change.

To read more about our social commitments make sure you visit our impact page.

Another pledge we have taken...

A pledge for wildlife.

World Fusion Tours is proud to collaborate with other leading tourism industry partners, associations and suppliers against predator breeding and canned hunting. Our pledge to stand against and not knowingly support this horrific industry in any way sends a clear message to the world:

A) Lions and other predators are wild species and we wish to continue promoting Africa as an authentic, wild and rewarding tourism destination and,

B) we wish to continue our support and promotion of the formal conservation community in their endeavors to secure the survival of Africa’s predators in the wild.  


See the full pledge here.

Ways that you can help take a stand against this trade:

Do not visit Lion Parks - By visiting these farms and interacting with wild animals you are directly funding the captive breeding and canned hunting industry. There is no conservation value in breeding lions and predators in captivity, despite what the business owners might have you believe.  Read more here or watch “Should Lions be bred for the bullet?” for more information.

No cuddling or petting lion cubs/wild animals - By paying to pet a lion cub you are essentially habituating them to humans, so they become easier to hunt when they’re too old and dangerous to pet!  Read more here or watch “Should we be petting cubs and walking with lions?” for more information.

No walking with lions/wildlife - The lions are trained to pose for photographs and cooperate for treats. The reality is that the owners of these lions are waiting for them to reach an age when they are old enough to be hunted.  Read more here or watch “Should we be petting cubs and walking with lions? for more information.

No wildlife volunteering - Essentially volunteers are used to hand rear and tame these animals so they are easier to handle, train and ultimately hunt. Read more here or watch “Wildlife Volunteering – conservation or con?“ for more information.

For full details about this campaign please visit the

Blood Lions: Born to Live Wild website here.

Disclaimer: Let's face it no one is perfect, we can say we do all these things but actions speak louder than words right?!  So we think it's fair to say that our pledge and ethos work like a framework or mission statement to help keep us focused and to encourage us to provide our clients with the highest possible quality tours that we can in partnership with our local suppliers and partner.  It's also important to note that you the client have a responsibility to help us achieve these goals - seeking the cheapest rate often means that we cannot present services from partners that we know invest in development programmes for their staff.  Additionally we all have limited time and funds when we travel, however if you can give us the time and a little extra budget, we can promise to present you with an itinerary that will create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime and that support the ethos and pledge

Our Pledge...