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Images courtesy of: Ake Lindstrom 

​Old Doinyo Lengai which means “Mountain of God”in Maasai language, and is Tanzania's only active volcano. It is the youngest of all the volcanic highlands in this area and is said to have been created some 100,000 years ago with it's last eruption in 2007.

​​Height: 2878 m

Status: Active

Time frame: We recommend and overnight ascent when it's full moon. There is a pre-dawn departure option but that makes it a hot and long day to the summit. It usually takes six hours up and another six hours to come back down.


  • At the peak of this perfect cone you can see steam rising and ash cones in one part of the crater. 
  • Volcanic ash which resembles black sand continues to slip down the the mountain side today.

Worth noting:

  • Tourist numbers are on the rise to climb this mysterious mountain and it's usually combined as a day trip from one of the neighbouring Lake Natron camps.
  • This is a very steep mountain - very steep - so we recommend this climb only for fit, well acclimatised persons with no ankle, knee, hip or back issues.
  • It's important to note that conditions on the mountain change daily and if your guide deems it unsafe to summit that day you will only travel as far as it is safe. Please note that no summit does not entitle a refund.
  • Your fees will include a transfer to the base of the mountain from your Lake Natron accommodation.
  • Currently we only run private treks up Old Doinyo Lengai as a add on to a Lake Natron stay which many people do before or after their safari.

When is a good time to go?
Avoid the rainy season as you cannot climb if it is raining. We recommend June - September or December - March.

Cost & inclusions:
Please email us with the following information:

  • Add on to Lake Natron and or safari?
  • number of persons,
  • approximate dates
  • any health concerns that we should know about?


Ready to book or want more information?

Then email us: worldfusiontours@gmail.com

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