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Tanzania's second tallest mountain towers over the Safari city of Arusha at a height of 4,566 metres. Many travellers like to use Mt Meru as a great pre-acclimitisation climb before attempting to summit Mt Kilimanjaro. Don't be fooled though, this is still a serious trek and demands your respect.

Status: Dormant

  • You can expect to encounter a large variety of local wildlife enroute up the mountain.
  • The trails are not crowded – you often have the trail to yourself.
  • The scenery is stunning.
  • ​We love this trek as you start inside Arusha National Park and can encounter so much wildlife in the forest and so many varieties of birds.

Worth Noting:

  • Summiting Mt Meru does not only required you to withstand high altitude, but also many people argue that the level or fitness required to summit is much higher than Mt Kilimanjaro.
  • Currently there is one commonly used route and that starts and finishes at Momela Gate in Arusha National Park.

This is a wonderful four day hike through lush forests before stumbling upon a high altitude alpine desert with amazing views of the dormant volcano. 

Whilst we strongly recommend the 4 day trek there is the option to do this in 3 days for those who are physically fit and strong – we reserve the right to review your medical questionnaire and place you on the 4 day trail if we feel three days is not right for you.

They say that Mt Meru was the result of the creation of the Great Rift Valley with erruptions recorded as early as 1-3 million years ago. What a stands over Arusha city today is now a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1910. You can never tire of the many different faces of Mt Meru – the early morning cover against a deep amber sunrise and the shades of pink and purple that bounce off her slopes at sunset. She's our secret favourite!

Mt Meru departure options:
Currently we only run private treks up Mt Meru, however if you are interested to join a group please contact us as we may have someone climbers looking to join you too.

Styles of trips:
We offer budget and luxury package options for all climbs up Mt Meru. The key differences between the two types of climbs we offer are based on the amount of equipment provided and hence this affects the total weight of gear going on the mountain on any given expedition.

On Mt Meru all gear is portered up and down and so the more equipment we take up the more porters there are and the price rises accordingly. We do NOT alter the level of safety, safety devices or quality of guides dependant on which package option you book – they both remain the same.

As a general overview the following summaries are provided:

Budget package: has small dining tent, table and stools, smaller client tent and foam pad. Client must provide their own sleeping bag.

Luxury package: a larger dining tent, backed chairs instead of stools, a larger sleeping tent with a 3 inch foam mattress. A pillow and 18 Celcius rated sleeping bag with liner are also included. There is a private portable toilet. Evening meals have an additional course (entrée) and there is fresh pressed coffee available (that should help you up the mountain)!

A complete inclusion list within each package is supplied at time of enquiry.

When is a good time to go?
Whilst Mt Meru can be climbed any time of the year you should know that March – May and October/November it tends to rain more in this part of Tanzania (in saying that the mountain has it's own erratic patterns so there are no guarantees) so keep in mind the trails are likely to be slippery and muddy.

Regardless of the time of year you decide to climb the mountains weather is frequently cold and wet, so you will always need to bring a trusty seat of rain gear. We will supply you with a detailed packing list once you have confirmed your booking with us. Keep in mind that if you choose to come in the dryer months it's super busy for all climbing companies, so best you confirm as soon as possible so you can enjoy your preferred dates and a good selection of pre and post accommodation options.

Fitness & Health:
As we mentioned earlier, Mt Meru although a shorter trek in the number of days, is considered by many as a harder climb than Mt Kilimanjaro. Your body has less time to aclimatise and the final ascent to summit at night on a rather sharp ledge requires some nerves of steel.

Once you confirm your climb with World Fusion Tours we will supply you with a recommended training programme to help you get on track for your big climb.

Cost & inclusions:
Please email us with the following information:

  • budget or luxury trip:
  • number of persons:
  • approximate dates:
  • any health concerns that we should know about that may affect your climb (please be honest):

There are many factors to take into consideration when planning for such an adventure. No matter where you travel in the world, safety is paramount and the slopes of Africa's highest mountain, it's
important to know that your are in safe hands.

We can't emphasise enough that you should only book with operators that demonstrate a commitment to the mountain, their crew, updated equipment and safe climbing practises.

Aside from selecting local operators based on their commitment to sustainable tourism practises, we also partner with these companies based on demonstrated commitment to safety and ethical tourism practises. That means we only collaborate with partners who offer fair wages and work conditions to their staff as well as demonstrating a genuine commitment to staff training and development.

Safety comes at a price and whilst we don't make claims to have the cheapest packages on the mountain, we do say that we offer you probably the safest, sustainable and ethical climb up and down the mountain!

Our Mount Meru local partners are professionals and experts in what they do with more than a decade of experience climbing the mountain. Some of the crew are well past 700 climbs on Mt Kilimanjaro alone. Our partners invest in their annual staff training programmes to ensure that you – our guests - can relax and enjoy your holiday,comfortable that your guides and crew have been trained to international standards in first aid and wilderness guiding.

Ready to book or want more information?

Then email us: worldfusiontours@gmail.com

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