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Mount Bisoke treks ... (Rwanda)

Known as Mt Bisoke or Visoke meaning “Soaked with water” in Swahili.

Height: 12,175 ft / 3711 metres (3rd highest mountain in Rwanda)

Status: Dormant


  • Hiking through different ecological zones (rainforest, alpine, bamboo)
  • Crater lake and views at the summit of  Virunga ranges and DRC
  • Mountain Gorillas, Golden Monkey, Buffaloes and many birds
  • Picnic lunch at the Crater lake summit

Time frame: From the starting point its approximately 3-4 hours climb up and 2-3 hours down .

Worth noting:
If you encounter Mountain gorillas you will NOT be permitted to take photos. Gorillas observations will be restricted to 10 minutes maximum at the Park Rangers discretion.

This is hike is steep – starting at 2,700 mt- you will feel the altitude in the final ascent to the summit.

Your hike is accompanied by national park rangers, porters and a English speaking guide.

Best season: We recommend this tour for dry season only (June – mid Sept) or December to Februrary.

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