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​An amazing alkaline lake breeding ground for more than 2 million Lesser Flamingoes each year. Its also a great base for those looking to climb Ol Doinyo Lengai which is just 25 km south of Lake Natron.

Size:  57km long and 22km wide


North of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Natron is a unique addition to your safari itinerary for those who have a spare 2-4 days available and really want to get off the beaten track.


Dry season generally runs June to October and wet season November to May. The small rainy season runs December – February. March to April is the highest rainfall generally recorded and the lowest is generally July to September.


  • Annual Lesser Flamingo breeding season attracts 2 million plus at the end of rainy season each year.
  • Walk along the lake edge for amazing photo opportunites
  • Witness the red waters of Lake Natron
  • Hike up to the Ngare Sero Source waterfall
  • Plan an overnight climb up Ol Doinyo Lengai
  • See the Hominid footprints
  • Enjoy sundowners with amazing views of the lakes and Rift Valley Escarpment
  • Swim in the fresh water stream

Interesting facts:

  • In low rain seasons the water PH levels have reached 10.5 making the lake waters caustic to those animals not used to it.
  • The resident Alkaline Tilapia has no problems adapting to these high PH levels
  • Lake Natron is one of two Alkaline lakes in East Africa
  • Is the primary breeding ground for the Lesser Flamingoes in Africa
  • Water tempuratres have been recorded as reaching 41 degrees celcius
  • Lake Natron is so remote it was not even discovered until 1954
  • The deep red colour of the Lake Natron waters is due to the salt loving organisms and algae living in the water.
  • Photographer Nick Brandt captured amazing stone-like images of local wildlife that was calcified by the high PH levels in the lake in 2003. Check out these ghostly images here.

Accommodation options:
There are only a few upmarket and budget campsites for guests staying in this area.

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