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Due to the efforts of the dedicated Dian Fossey, visitors to East Africa are able to share close encounters with some of the last remaining wild gorillas on earth. 

The sheer size and strength of these gorillas needs to be seen to be believed and that moment when you clear the shrubs to see your first gorilla in the wild is uncomprehensible.

Thanks to the attention brought to Gorilla tourism like stars including Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Di Rossi, travellers from around the world can see first hand that Gorilla trekking is safe and supports conservation efforts of these endangered creatures now numbers at 1,000 in the wild in East Africa. Check-out Ellen's recent Gorilla encounter in 2018.

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"Spending time with Gorillas has changed my life..."

"I can't begin to describe this experience..."

Currently we offer the option to visit the gorillas in:

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

Uganda’s Bwindi Forest

Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Virunga National Park (Closed for 2018 until further advise)


We recommend you allow the following time for this experience:
Day 1 Travel to accommodation around national park – o/nite accommodation

Day 2 Gorilla encounter – o/nite accommodation

Day 3 Continue with travels in the region

It’s important to allow for delays in your travels and to be well rested – hopping off a long flight and climbing the mountain the next morning for your gorilla trek is not practical or advisable.  You are climbing altitudes and if you can give yourself a day or two to acclimatize and recover from your journey, it will ensure you can give your full attention to the gorilla experience that you have spent so much on to enjoy.

Of course some tourists choose to visit the gorillas two days in a row or one day in Rwanda and one day in Uganda – you are only limited by permit availability, budget and time.

World Fusion Tours strongly believes if you have come this far why not be able to say you truly experienced what the local culture is all about – so please let us know what you are interested in and we can provide you with a customize itinerary with some very special cultural experiences – the perfect compliment to your gorilla trekking.

If you would like a quote please email us the following information:
​Email us: worldfusiontours@gmail.com

Let us know:
What dates you are considering?

Preferred Gorilla trekking location:
How many people are travelling?
Which other parks and destinations you would like to include:
Budget, mid range or luxury?
Any special needs/considerations regarding your trek (health concerns, age etc):

World Fusion Tours also recommends some of the following options as add-­on's to your Gorilla experience:

If this may be your only chance to visit East Africa and you are not constrained by budget or time – what about popping across to Tanzania for a African Safari?  We can help you land at the national parks to save time!

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