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A few words on Family travel from World Fusion Director - Katina:

I have fond memories growing up and going on family holidays - even though for us it wasn't abroad but rather piling into the family car and driving either an hour away to a nearby beach for a week or interstate for a family wedding (think my "Big Fat Greek Wedding").

No matter the destination a few decades later I still have memories of moments shared with siblings, parents, friends, relatives and Mother Nature, smell and sound triggers, lessons learnt and ageing old photos that tell stories for generations to come (yes I was pre-digital)!  

Back then our parents did not realize the benefits of a family holiday, today the research and studies showing the benefits are endless. Parents are now taking children out of school for family holidays with the realization that life experiences are invaluable lessons for our children.

World Fusion Tours started as a passion for combining dance and travel and now as a parent who is faced with my own family holiday dilemmas and living abroad with a toddler, I felt it's the right time for our tour offerings to continue to grow in direction where we again have first hand experience and knowledge - travelling with children.

Telling people that you are considering your next family holiday in India or within the African continent will most definitely raise eyebrows within many family and friend groups (try telling them you are taking your six month old to live there!) By now I'm sure you are immune to the endless opinions and judgement you receive as a parent, so just smile and continue to do what you feel is right for you.  As parents we know what is right for our family and would never do something to put our children/family in harms way.

Children grow up reading stories and watching movies about elephants, lions, tigers, zebras - Disney and Pixar are living proof. My son at the age of one was forever dragging around his plush Simba (Lion King) toy and pointing to various safari animals in his story book collection.  Taking him that year on his first safari in Akagera National Park, Rwanda is something we as parents will never forget.  Pointing to his first real elephant and making a trumpeting sound gave us goosebumps and got us teary-eyed. He is the lucky few who will growing seeing and knowing that these amazing creatures below in the wild and not in zoos or performing in the circus. (Read more about this first safari encounter here).

I could go on and on about the special moments but I will let the articles below speak for themselves.  You may think it's just a family holiday, but the benefits are more than you could ever imagine. So dream, plan and explore and we hope to welcome your family to our homes across East Africa and India very soon.

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