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Every client is required to agree to and sign the waiver of liability (except for minors under the age of eighteen who can be included on the parent/guardian waiver). World Fusion Tours Australia & it's respective ground operator partners across East Africa (inc. World Fusion Tours Rwanda) must receive the signed copy(s) via scan and emailed to, followed by the original to be provided upon arrival in East Africa. Should our Liability Waiver not be signed, then World Fusion Tours Australia & our respective ground partners will not be able to provide any of the secured and/or agreed services nor will it refund any monies paid.

We require a medical fitness certificate for clients over 72 years of age. All clients are to complete a copy of the Personal Details form supplied along with this document.

It is a condition of travel that all clients have comprehensive trip cancellation, medical and evacuation coverage. Where applicable, a local evacuation insurance is included for your trip but does not replace your regular travel and medical insurance policy – rather acts as a safety back-up. The above mentioned comprehensive trip cancellation, medical and evacuation coverage is compulsory for every traveler and this is non-negotiable. Where stated (Tanzania) local evacuation insurance is compulsory for all our tours even if the client has adequate coverage. In our experience this is the most efficient and quickest way to get to a reliable medical facility in the unforeseen event of emergency.

Please supply us with a copy of your travel and medical insurance as soon as you have booked and confirmed your policy.

We may accommodate children under the age of seven, as long as the parents or guardians accept full responsibility for their care and supervision while in camps and lodges and on safari.

World Fusion Tours Australia & its ground operator partners do everything it can to ensure that clients have a full and fascinating wildlife, primate and safari experience. However, wild animals follow their own routines and timings and World Fusion Tours Australia & our partners do not guarantee that the client(s) will experience certain wildlife behaviors or see any particular species or sub-species.

World Fusion Tours Australia & our partners do not guarantee that clients will see any or all of the advertised wildlife experience on the dates they visit, as the animals may be in an inaccessible area or affected by weather pattern which are out of our control. No refunds are provided for wildlife unseen or in the event that you choose to end the experience early. Please note that permits are not transferable or refundable should you change your mind or need to cancel for any reason – this is where your personal travel insurance will need to cover you.

It is understood by you that World Fusion Tours is an Australian based travel agent which outsources to local partners in East Africa including our registered partner in Rwanda, East Africa under World Fusion Investments Ltd TIN # 1034 27751. As such, this means we are only assisting with your itinerary plans and making bookings with our ground operators on your behalf. You understand that our public liability insurance is governed by the Australian judicial system when booking through World Fusion Tours Australia.  Our local partner World Fusion Tours in Rwanda, East Africa governs their supplied services under the Rwandan justice system. We will not be held liable for any injuries, cancellations, refunds, loss of money or any such events that affect the ability for you to complete your tour from start to finish.

Our other East African ground operators are under the jurisdiction of their country’s governing laws according to the destination of your tour i.e. Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya etc.

You are responsible for carrying your own personal medical kit. We recommend a small first aid kit, your maintenance medicine as well as medicine for use in an emergency. If you have known allergies, it is strongly recommended that you carry an Epi- pen in East Africa. The same applies for emergency medication in the event your medical condition is triggered (asthma, heart & blood pressure, epilepsy or any other serious medical condition). If you have a serious medical condition, you must disclose this information to us in your personal details form. Carrying a comprehensive first aid and medicine kit is essential. You must carry your yellow fever vaccination certificate with your passport at all times. You understand the need to ensure all your vaccinations are up to date, in particular rabies for those visiting primates.

 East African people are generally warm and very welcoming and interested in visitors. However, every country has thieves and clients should follow the usual commonsense precautions, which apply anywhere in the world, to secure their property and themselves. In particular, clients should not visit anywhere unescorted or without first having checked with their professional guide.

You are responsible for the safe keeping of your items at all times and no liability is held for lost luggage, stolen items, misplaced items of value. It is recommended that you keep your bags locked at all times, leave jewelry and unnecessary items of value back in your home country. Whilst it may be very common to have a smart phone, I pad, fancy watches, expensive sunglasses, engagement rings in your home country, please understand these are items of luxury and known value on the streets. It is in your best interest to leave those items at home or if you must have them with you, keep them in your safe possession at all times and avoid flashing them around. World Fusion Tours & our ground partners will not be held responsible or liable for any items lost or stolen during your trip.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are covered for trip cancellation through your travel and medical evacuation insurance provider. It is also your responsibility to ensure you are familiar and aware of the latest travel warnings issued by your national security website. Refunds are not provided for trips canceled due to travel warnings issued, this will be provided by your travel insurance provider.


To secure reservation – payment is due at time of booking confirmation.
Cancellation Fees:*** These are as per the average refund policies of our East African partners:

Up to 70 days before departure                                 Deposit is forfeited
69 – 45 days before departure                                   50% of tour cost is forfeited
44 – 25 days before departure                                   75% of tour cost is forfeited
24 days or less before departure                               100% of tour cost is forfeited

***not applicable to gorilla or chimpanzee permit - 100% of permit fee is forfeited**

Where possible we will attempt to retrieve monies from ground operators, but reserve the right to put the client in direct contact with the relevant operator. Ground operators each govern their services using their own booking conditions and refund policies. We have provided the general terms and policies applied, however accept no responsibility or liability in the event that the operator refuses to refund.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to changes beyond our control – such as, but not limited to– increases in statutory taxes, park fees, fuel costs, internal air ticket and charter prices or fees.

Our partners would like you to be aware of the following booking terms & conditions:

(this is customized for each client according to their destination they have booked & partners which World Fusion Tours Australia subcontracts the tour to).

There is no refund for unused services once the tour has commenced.
Payment of deposit indicates acceptance of World Fusion Tours Australia & ground operator partner terms and conditions

It is only after receiving the confirmation of your transfer that we can confirm your reservations and receipt of your money that we can purchase your primate permit.

You will be supplied with the latest version of this form for your signature along with our Liability Waiver at the time of confirming your tour.  For any assistance or questions please do not hesitate to contact Katina: