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Arusha National Park ...

This naturally diverse national park is only a stones throw from Arusha town and is probably one of the quietest national parks in the region in terms of tourist numbers. There is beautiful dense vegetation and great hiking opportunities thanks to the national park also being the base starting point for treks up Mt Meru.

Size: 542 sq km – among Tanzania's smallest national parks

Location: 35 km or around 45 min drive from Arusha town – making this an easy day trip from your Arusha based accommodation.

Weather: Dry season generally runs June to October and wet season November to May. The small rainy season runs December – February. March to April is the highest rainfall generally recorded and the lowest is generally July to September.


  • Striking views of Tanzania's 2nd highest mountain – Mt Meru
  • Montane forests
  • Ngurdoto Crater views
  • Soda lake bird life
  • Endemic three-horned Jackson's Chameleon
  • Highest population of giraffes in Tanzania
  • Colobus monkey
  • Rare and some endemic species living in the isolated parts of Mt Meru
  • You can combine this with a Mt Meru trek – allow 4-5 days

Interesting facts:

  • Established in 1960 this is Tanzania's second oldest national park along with Lake Manyara national park. It is believed that the 1600's was when the first tribe the “Meru”arrived seeking honey and food on the mountain. Some 200 years later the “Arusha” who are closely related to the Maasai arrived.
  • The Germany military chose the south side of Mt Meru as their stronghold in the late 19th century.
  • Britain's Princess Margaret visited Arusha in 1958 putting the region on the map and enabling authorities to declare this as a national park in 1960 – second after Serengeti.
  • Momella and Rishateni Lakes have very high levels of acidity and what is believed as one of the highest levels of naturally occurring fluoride in the world. This is why you may notice many locals who have brown markings on their teeth – too much fluoride in the local water supplies -it's not poor dental hygiene as many people think.

Accommodation options:
No lodges inside the park but many surrounding the entrance. A public camp site inside the park, although as mentioned previously most people like to make this as a day trip and stay in Arusha or nearby.

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